Embodying your own conviction in wine


We have already introduced our new Tuscan red wine and its namesake to you. Today we are pleased to give you a brief insight into the wine idea that lies within it. Our new Luogotenente expresses our love for autochthonous varieties. But also a bit of courage. Why else would we have added a Trentino Teroldego to the Fogliatonda and Sangiovese?

For us it is a new interpretation of Tuscany and shows what I want to move in Tuscany. The grapes come from the three vineyards Vigna del Cimitero, Vigna del Poggio and Vigna del Poggino. The soils of these hilly areas are rich and therefore an excellent basis for full-bodied, round wines. The magic number in the ageing process is the six: after six months in wooden barrels, the wine is aged for a further six months in steel tanks to harmonise it and then, after bottling, it is aged in bottle for another six months. Its traditional style and the contemporary exciting composition bring the essence of the fruit and the terroir into the glass. The wine is a true project of the heart. That is why it has been given the colour blue, my favourite colour, not least because blue always powerfully stands for elegance and which knows how to be restrained at the same time, like a "Luogotenente".

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