2020 - by no means an easy year - has brought us, apart from many a hurdle, one thing above all: truly fantastic grapes. Thanks to the mild temperatures, which were not too hot except for a few days, and rainfall, well distributed over the growing season, our vines had the best conditions, which lasted until September. This enabled us to start the harvest ten days earlier than last year.

Our white Merlot Idda is characterised by a fresh, fruity character with a relatively low alcohol content. As the grapes must not be too ripe for this, the ideal harvest time was already at the beginning of September. The harvest for our red wines Alano, Ulrico, Luogotenente and Eccellenza was planned for the second half of September. Unfortunately the weather changed. The harvest had to be temporarily interrupted due to heavy thunderstorms. After the grapes had released most of the water absorbed by the rain, we were able to resume the harvest a few days later and were very relieved that our grapes were still in perfect health. Just in time for the passage of another bad weather front, we were able to complete the 2020 harvest and dedicate ourselves to the work in the cellar, a moment at least as important for us to get the most out of the wonderful grape material for each individual wine, thanks to the knowledge we have perfected over the years.

The grapes for our Eccellenza still had a month of "appassimento" ahead of them. During a daily check we were able to sort out fruit affected by rot directly by hand, so that here too we could only work perfectly healthy grapes for an ideal Eccellenza.

From the correct thinning out to the slight defoliation of the grape zone, careful work in the vineyard throughout the year has once again paid off. Initial analyses show that all the musts are well concentrated and have ripe, intense tannins, confirming the higher gradations already suspected in August.

So you can look forward to this new 2020 vintage, and to shorten the waiting time, you should be having a look at our past vintages, that achieved top marks, especially from Luca Maroni.

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