Making white from red


I would have loved to have given up the commonplace variety Merlot when I made my debut in Poggio Rozzi, because I was much more interested in the indigenous varieties from Tuscany. But then I discovered the white side of this red variety from the Bordeaux region.

Not a lot of people know that we started off making a rosé that was, however, not to our satisfaction. Making a white wine from these grapes was definitely the right decision – it has lent the wine an even greater fascination that fits perfectly into the summer wine repertoire. I most enjoy drinking Idda* on a beautiful summer’s day on the terrace in Poggio Rozzi. So, if you’re looking for something special to go with bruschetta, tomato caprese, melon with smoked ham, fish or seafood, try our white Merlot and bring Tuscany into your home.

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Eberhard Toggenburg

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