Rain of points from Maroni


Luca Maroni is one of Italy's most respected tasters. The sommelier is always good for a surprise. It is important to him to taste not only premium wines, but also what finds its way into the glass every day. We are very pleased and also proud that our wines have received outstanding ratings from Luca Maroni and have thus found a permanent place in the wine guide "I Migliori Vini Italiani". All our wines have scored more than 88 points; we are particularly proud of our Eccellenza with 94 points and the brand new Luogotenente, which was able to score 93 points directly in its first year.

"And when the virtues of balance and integrity are added to such qualities, with such a clear and aromatic bouquet and convincing roundness of flavour, the harmony and appeal of wines like the Luogotenente 2018 increases" - Luca Maroni.

You can see the review of the rating on Luca Maroni's site.

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