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Courageous and unconventional is a brand new wine, the second in a new guise: a red wine made from three autochthonous grape varieties - Fogliatonda, Sangiovese and Teroldego. We have dedicated it to my great-great-grandfather Georg Otto Ritter von Toggenburg, who, as "Luogotentente", i.e. k.k. governor, already proved his strength of character and vision 170 years ago.

Through his marriage to Maria Adelheid Countess von Sarnthein, our family moved its centre of life from Switzerland to South Tyrol. Georg's life was both exciting and challenging, which is still a great incentive for us today. After his studies, he quickly advanced to the position of Governor - Luogotenente - Veneto and became Imperial and Royal Minister of Trade. Thanks to him, a railway line was built from Vienna to the Bavarian border and far-reaching economic reforms were implemented. After the loss of Lombardy and, a little later, Veneto, Georg returned to South Tyrol, where we Toggenburgs still enjoy living today. Georg is thus considered the last "Luogotti Duck" in Lombardo-Venetia, which earned him a great honour from Emperor Franz Joseph I.

"Luogotente", our new Tuscan red wine cuvée bears his name because it is as courageous and unconventional as Georg himself, but also because it is a reminder of the qualities that are anchored in our family through him. Without foresight and courage we would hardly be running a winery like Poggio Rozzi in Tuscany today.

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