The essence of the fruit in the glass


You can talk a lot about wine, you can write even more about wine. Or you can simply enjoy it. This is what we like to do with our "Luogotente", our latest Tuscan red wine, not least because it perfectly brings the essence of autochthonous fruit into the glass through its traditional style, is present and yet lacks no elegance. Especially in summer, we take great care to ensure that a red wine like this is not served too warm.

For our family it fits into every season. In summer, of course, it is best served with a good "Bistecca alla Fiorentina", as we in Tuscany prefer to put it on the grill. The "Fogliatonda", which gives this wine lush yet soft tannins, also makes the "Luogotenente" harmonious with stews, from the classic brasato, to game goulash, to a tajine of lamb. And we are already looking forward to this today. The first days of autumn are already here.

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