The essence of the fruit

Whether grapes, apricots or plums, each fruit has its very own essence, marked by the character of the land on which it was grown and processed. The high-quality wines and spirits of Count von Toggenburg express the unadulterated essence of the fruit: processed with care at the Poggio Rozzi winery in Tuscany or the Steinmannhof fruit farm in South Tyrol, the aromas of nature flow straight into the glass.

Exceptional wines and fine distillates: all products made by Eberhard, Count Toggenburg

bilder-flaschen2.jpg Poggio Rozzi Toscana


Showing an unknown side of itself. Strong, self-conscious and prepared to head off the beaten track. A lighthouse for ...
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graf-toggenburg_alano.jpg Poggio Rozzi Toscana


A good friend, always at your side and ready to brighten every moment. Harmonious, balanced, uncomplicated. As constant ...
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bilder-flaschen5.jpg Poggio Rozzi Toscana


Combining tradition and the future with both elegance and sensitivity, all while staying true to itself. The character ...
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bilder-flaschen4.jpg Poggio Rozzi Toscana


Sometimes you have to follow your heart and begin a new story, embodying your own conviction in the wine. Powerful, with ...
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bilder-flaschen.jpg Poggio Rozzi Toscana


Seeking the best. Consistent, conscientious and with a clear vision, focusing on the essentials. This is how ...
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