Gourmet ambassadors from two regions Wines and spirits from Eberhard Count von Toggenburg

Preserving what is good while guiding it into the future: an attachment to nature and to farming has long distinguished the family of the Counts von Toggenburg. They began to administer large estates in the 11th century, and this skill can still be seen today in the work of Count Eberhard, both at the Poggio Rozzi winery in Tuscany and at the Steinmannhof fruit farm in South Tyrol. Mindful of nature, high-quality wines and spirits are carefully crafted by hand into authentic gourmet ambassadors of their respective regions, combining tradition and cosmopolitan inspiration.

Two farms, one philosophy
The Poggio Rozzi winery in Tuscany
The Steinmannhof fruit farm in South Tyrol

With the same strength of character as their origins, the products of Eberhard, Count Toggenburg reflect their native land.


Showing an unknown side of itself. Strong, self-conscious and prepared to head off the beaten track. A lighthouse for future generations, with a fresh youthfulness and a remarkable finale.

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Holidays at the winery in Tuscany

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