Pledged to the legacy of nature. With a view of the bigger picture.

Nature lives according to her own rules and rhythms, presenting new demands every day in the tending of the vineyards and orchards. Eberhard, Count von Toggenburg takes account of these holistic processes, with every action carefully considered. He is pledged not only to the traditions of his family and region, but above all to nature herself. Through this are created wines with strong personalities and fine spirits of evident quality and distinctive character.

The Counts von Toggenburg and their family have dedicated themselves to farming for over 1,000 years. Over the centuries they have developed a profound knowledge of the bigger picture: a valuable legacy that Eberhard, Count von Toggenburg now carries forward into the future.

An ideal interplay of people and nature forms the solid foundations for the agriculture practised on the two family-owned estates in Tuscany and South Tyrol. Major interventions in the natural order are avoided, with Count Eberhard and his team preferring to watch the natural processes, carefully and diligently assisting them by hand. The vines and fruit trees are assured of special care all year round.

Protecting and preserving natural resources for the next generation is a matter of great importance for the Count. Sustainable working for him means consciously acting in harmony with nature, not according to a fixed set of biological rules: being earnest, consistent and demonstrating enormous passion for honest products.


“For me, no other sphere is more closely related to the concept of life than farming.”

Eberhard Graf Toggenburg

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