The Poggio Rozzi winery in Tuscany

It was love at first sight: the exceptional location in the midst of Tuscany’s Chianti region, the wonderful atmosphere, the views of the olive groves and vineyards. The rich ecosystem, a good microclimate and rich soils all offered ideal conditions for winegrowing. After careful further development, Eberhard, Count von Toggenburg now produces five Tuscan wines at the Poggio Rozzi winery. Each individual wine carries a piece of the family history with it into the world and honours the strong personalities that stand behind it.

Poggio Rozzi


When Count Eberhard’s parents discovered the somewhat neglected Poggio Rozzi residence in 2004, they immediately recognised it as a rough diamond with exceptional potential. Through hard work, always in harmony with nature, the winery was given a new, sustainable and professional orientation.

The Poggio Rozzi winery covers an area of approximately 22 hectares, of which 9 are devoted to winegrowing. The vineyards, lovingly renewed and extended, are arranged around the property and are all within walking distance. This gives the estate a special charm that is not often found in the region. The short distances also permit the continuous monitoring and tending of the vines.

The soils around the winery are remarkably diverse in nature, ranging from loamy, clayey layers to very stony ground. This allows the production of equally varied wines. Count von Toggenburg mainly relies on the traditional native grape varieties of Tuscany, supplemented with selected varieties from central and northern Italy. The region’s winemaking history thus combines with the philosophy of the Counts von Toggenburg.

Working in the original cellar, Count Eberhard and his cellar master Edoardo attach great importance to precision, cleanliness, delicate processing and a constant engagement with the wines as they are pressed. No corrective measures or further grape purchases are undertaken, thus guaranteeing the authenticity of the wines.


“Poggio Rozzi allows us to reinterpret the wine culture of Tuscany with a respect for nature and an appreciation for the traditions that have grown up there.” 

Eberhard Count Toggenburg

Our team at Poggio Rozzi:
passionate about authentic wines, with a love for Tuscany

Edoardo Galieni
Production management vineyard, cellar
Rudha Landolfi
Agriturismo and direct sales Poggio Rozzi

Strong personalities: our wines carry a piece of family history and the character of Tuscany into the world.



Showing an unknown side of itself. Strong, self-conscious and prepared to head off the beaten track. A lighthouse for future generations, with a fresh youthfulness and a remarkable finale.

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