Sugo d’agnello e rosticciana

The ideal companion: Ulrico

Pork and lamb ribs – not grilled, but instead braised with tomatoes in a delicious sugo. A dish made for Ulrico, our full-bodied Sangiovese, and a wonderful example of what makes Italian cuisine so inimitably good: a perfect combination of a few high-quality selected ingredients.


Ingredients for 4 people

4-5 pork ribs
4-5 lamb ribs
1 onion
500 ml tomato puree (passata pomodoro)
15-20 salted capers
fresh basil
salt, pepper and olive oil



Briefly fry the meat in a pan in olive oil, then remove. Braise the onion until clear in the same oil. Add the tomatoes, capers, basil and the fried meat, then salt. Cook on the lowest flame for about 1 hour, adding water during cooking if necessary.

Tip: the resulting sugo can be served as a starter with pasta, preferably orecchiette, traditionally with cacioricotta from Puglia grated over it (or alternatively parmesan). The cooked lamb and pork then make a wonderful main dish.

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